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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Summer Fun

When sun shines hot
Head burns like fire
Warm body sweats
Brownie baked skin

There people hate
Many don’t like
Stay inside cool
No hot, no sweat

But let us see
Other people
Under the sun
Swim and enjoy

But let us see
Other people
Grill yummy foods
Sweet tasty corns

But let us see
Fun kids giggles
In swimming suits
Splash in water

Coatesville, July 4, 2009

(1st Chaiku)

My Beautiful Garden

White, shine and clean
big Hydrangea
mini Snow White
dainty Daisy
and attractive
Butterfly Bush

Purple and sweet
My beautiful
Blooming Lilac
Hibiscus Tree
Big Clematis
and Liriope

Yellow and gold
and Trumpet Vine
cute Daylily
and smell fragrance
of giant Lily

Red exotic
Climbing Roses
Fragrant Roses
and hedge Roses

Dark blue flower
Of Hibiscus

Orange sweetish
Tiger Lily
and Daylily

Pink, sweet, girly
Three Astibles
In carpet Phlox

Who will say ‘no’
Not to pick them
Even my kid
Will say four words
“Can I pick them?”

The hummingbirds
The butterflies
And hungry bees
They come and go
Come back again
Suck the nectars
Having party
In all day long
Meanwhile I do
Sit and enjoy
the beauty of
my nice garden

Coatesville, July 22, 2009

(2nd Chaiku)

The Moon

I’m sitting here
on the front porch
Looking at you
in the dark sky

I’m seeing you
Thinking I should
Patiently wait
When you will come

I’m sitting here
To wait for you
Sending regards
To them I love

I’m seeing you
And asking you
Why you’re quite
Without action

I’m sitting here
Without answer
Without action
From you, the moon

I’m sitting here
Seeing you shine
You smile and say
“Just enjoy me!”

The moon, the moon
I enjoy you shine

I just want you
To help sending
My warm regards
To them I love

Coatesville, July 26th, 2009

(3rd Chaiku)

Rainy Days

During the day
rain hard and long
I see my plants
smile graciously

In the next day
they look so full
no more water
to fill in them

During the night
rain, thunderstorm
as blitz combined
caught on window

The next morning
I see outside
colorful sign
on the blue sky

Coatesville, August 4th, 2009

(4th Chaiku)

First Winter, First Snow

White all over
the place I saw
quiet, no sounds heard

Snow in winter
down to the earth
on both my hands
no sounds, so quiet

I was impressed
in winter boots
snug warm jacket
cute thin mittens

Did I believe
my surroundings
this my new home
United States

August 10, 2009

(5th Chaiku)

The World Largest Archipelago

South East Asian
Known from Sabang
To Merauke

More seventeen
Thousands islands
You might not know
Most unnamed

On equator
Tropic weather
Most volcanic
Active regions

Important trade
Asian region
A place where most
The traders come

Thousands ethnics
hundreds languages
in one nation

Coatesville, August 13, 2009

(6th Chaiku)


Place where you find
Which is timeless
Positive world

It is peaceful
And happiness
In a new life

Beautiful place
Of contentment
Where is a place
We want to go

Believe in Him
Obey His Words
Love others as
You love yourself

A Paradise
Then will be yours
In your heart and
Eternal life

Coatesville, August 16, 2009

(7th Chaiku)

2010 Birthday Gift

My birthday gift
the most special
a surprise gift
I expected

Little tiny
head and body
toes and fingers
soft and dark hair

My birthday gift
will be brought soon
to my real world
in next nine months

Now he or she
still in my womb
warm and secure

Cry is the sign
the gift of life
the gift of mine
the happiness

February 10, 2010
(8th Chaiku)