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Monday, November 24, 2014

My Own Spaghetti Recipe

When I was in my country, Indonesia, before moving to USA, spaghetti was sold and found only at Mc. Donald. I didn't like it at that time. I didn't know why, but I thought maybe the blend of the spicy was not suit with my taste. After I moved to USA and finally I knew that spaghetti was one of the regular food in USA, I started to learn how cook the tasty spaghetti. Thanks God, my husband was the only person who taught me about the kinds of new herbs I should know to cook spaghetti.
I still remember the first time I learned to cook spaghetti. I followed the recipe from the spaghetti package but I didn't like it, it was to blend for me. As I am from the country where the people like the spicy food very much, so you should understand why I like the spicy food. Because I like pasta, so I tried at the next time when I cooked spaghetti I used my own ingredients. Below is my own recipe. It is simple but spicy enough to me. I would give the name My Own Spaghetti'.
- 18 oz package of spaghetti, cook as directions, drain and pour with 1 TBS olive oil to toss.
- 1 pound lean ground beef
- cup diced sweet onion
- 2 clove of garlic , minced
- 1 fresh medium tomato, dice
- 1 30 oz jar of chunky spaghetti sauce or any kind you like
- tsp freshly chopped oregano
- Salt to taste
- Freshly ground white pepper to taste
- - tsp chili powder (if you don't like it, don't use it)
- cup grated Parmesan Cheese
- 2 TBS olive oil

- Bring water to boil and add spaghetti according to box directions, drain and pour with 1 TBS olive oil to toss, set aside.
- Meanwhile you are cooking the spaghetti, brown the ground beef in a large non-stick skillet, drain and discard the fat.
- Pour 1 TBS olive oil on medium heat at the same skillet.
- Add garlic, saut for 1 minute, add diced tomato, diced onion, saut around 6-7 minutes. Stirring occasionally.
- Add brown ground beef, salt, pepper, chili powder, stir and close the skillet for 3 minutes. Open and stir again.
- Add chopped freshly oregano, stir and let them cooked around 2-3 minutes.
- Add the mixture spaghetti sauce to spaghetti, toss and pour with grated parmesan cheese.
Hmmm, even my husband who is American likes it. We like My Own Spaghetti Recipe. (*)

Published at Helium Network, July 5, 2008


Once, there was a man who asked GOD for a flower and a butterfly. But God gave him a
cactus and a caterpillar. He was sad, he didn't understand why his request was mistaken, Then he thought: Oh well, GOD has to many people to care for and decided not to ask Him anymore.
After some time, the man went to check up on his request that he had left forgotten.
To his surprise, from the thorny and ugly cactus, a beautiful flower had grown, and the unsightly caterpillar had been transformed into the most beautiful butterfly.
What do we learn from the short story above?
God always does things right! His way is always the best way even if to us it seems all wrong. If you asked GOD for one thing and received another, TRUST! You can be sure that He will always give you what you need at the appropriate time. What you want doesn't always give you what you need. God never fails to grant our petitions, so keep on going for him without doubting or murmuring.
After I was graduated from my University with the satisfactory result, I had confidence in applying a job. I had sent many applications. Meanwhile I waited for the interviews and other good answers from the companies I had applied, I gave the private courses to couple students from Elementary to Senior High School especially for Math. I handled 4 children in a family and the youngest was around 8 years old. She wasn't passed from the 2nd grade. I heard that she always looked nervous and afraid every time the teacher asked her something. She didn't answer because she was afraid that maybe her answers were wrong. Even when I gave her the lessons, she never answered me and never called my name. Knowing that condition, I didn't only teach her, but I firstly focused to approach her slowly but firmly.
I found out why she acted like that, it was because of her parent were often fight in front of their children and it influenced her became a passive child. Finally, around 3 months, one day when I went to their house, she came to the fence to open it for me and I heard she called my name quietly. I was so surprised and so happy. After that, step by step she changed. She answered my questions and talked to me normally although sometime looked little nervous or shy, but I always tried to make her comfortable and felt confident for herself. Everything just went well till one day in the end of her class, I heard that she could reach the second level of the best students in her class. I was so happy and thanks to God because I could help her and made her and her family felt happy.
After that, I got more students coming because of the successful I did to her. It was happened around 1 year and a half and I did my teaching with all of my heart without complaining why I hadn't got a job that I wanted till one day something was happened to me. I got a right job as I ever dreamed. From that journey, I had learned something that every single of our life, God had purpose certainly to us to do other things to reach other things we wished or dreamed. I thought at that time, firstly, God wanted me to help that girl until she was healed then HE gave me great present after all, it was a great job I dreamed about.
* Today's thorn is tomorrow's flower. God gives the very best to those who leave the choices up to him. Amen! *

Published at Helium Network, July 19, 2008

Religion Songs

Praise Adonai!
One of my favorite Christian Singers in USA is Paul Baloche. His voice, his music, his songs that he wrote are great. Praise Adonai is my favorite. The lyric, the beat/rythm and the colour of its music in this song is really creative.
The writing talents of Paul Baloche come to us. 'Praise Adonai', inquiring of us with the rhetorical phrase 'who is like Him', we see Jesus as:
The Lion and the Lamb
Seated on the throne
Mountains bow down
Every ocean roars
To the Lord of Hosts
Part of the review of his album 'Open the Eyes of My Heart' about the song 'Praise Adonai' from Kim Gentes I rewrite here as he mentions:
Like the Psalms and Proverbs, Baloche proclaims the unchangeable paradox of God's character (the Lion and the Lamb), pushing us into the view from the heavens. Then, as he surveys the kingdom from this view (Seated on the throne), we see such power, in profound simplicity of word, that our hearts and voices launch unstoppably into the chorus, 'Praise Adonai'.
For him, music is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with God, to get touch with Him. One of the important keys to have a quality worship is the "spontaneous worship" which is similar to jazz improvisation.
I have the same opinion with him, about music is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with God. When I listen the original of this music from my playlist, I always feel my soul is lifted up. I always repeat this song, again and again.
Then, what is the meaning of Praise Adonai? If you would like to know, here I try to explain shortly but clearly:
As we know the meaning of "Praise Adonai" is Adon means 'steward administrator, master, or Lord'. The addition of 'ai' to 'adon' intensifies or elevates its meaning, changing it to mean 'the ultimate Lord, the supreme Lord, or Lord of all'. The title of Adonai in the Hebrew language, God is Lord, clearly defines our role as servants of our Lord, God without outright ownership of our life and all things in heaven and earth. This defines our role as servant of our Adonai.
So, if you are interested with this song, below I have enclosed its lyrics and chords:
Written by Paul Baloche
( Am, F, C, G , E7 ) (repeat)
Am F
Who is like Him
the Lion and the Lamb
G E7
Seated on the throne
Am F
Mountains bow down
Every ocean roars
To the Lord of hosts
F Am
Praise Adonai
From the rising of the sun
Dm7 F G
'Til the end of every day
F Am
Praise Adonai
All the nations of the earth
Dm7 F
All the angels and the saints
G Bb2
Sing praise
( Am , F, C , G , Am7 , Bb2 )

Published at Helium Network, July 21, 2008

Reflections Favorite Biblical Verses

It has been so long till right now when I find the inspirational Biblical verses, I always write them on my special book. Beside they can be a reminder of the God's word & give me the strength, I also use to enclose them as the supported biblical verses in my Christian writings either at my Blog or other Group Christian Blog where some talented Blogger in writing write there.
The Biblical verses also reflect us in comunicating with God. They are as God's words can be the messages in every single condition and situation we have in our life. They can be the encouragements, reminders, advices, giving us the strength, etc.
Some of my friends also sometime send me the Biblical verses to share with me and I always thank to them as I have been in their thought. One day, one of my good friends from Indonesia sent me a topic about Biblical verses as the answers when we called God. Below is the reflection I have learned from it.
When we call somebody, we might get an answer directly to somebody whom we want to talk to, or we just hear the answer machine and leave a message there, or we must press the other numbers to direct the person we want to talk to, or we just can leave a message to somebody else who answer our phone, or the operator will answer it. Those all mean that somebody whom we want to talk to isn't available in 24 hours everyday.
But it would not be happened if we call God. He is always available in 24 hours a day, in 7 days a week. We can call Him anytime we want. There are no Operator, so He would listen our voice directly. He is never too busy to listen and answer our calls. When we call Him, He would answers us. When we cry asking His help, He would says, "Here I am." (Isaiah 58:9)
I hope these emergency numbers would help you and I in every single situation we have as blessing in our life. Amen.
When we condole, press John 14
When we are disappointed by somebody, press Song of Solomon 27
If we want to fruit, press John 15 When we sin, press Song of Solomon 51
When we are in worry, press Matthew 6:19-34
When we are in danger, press Song of Solomon 91
When we feel so far from Him, press Song of Solomon 139
When our faith needs to be strengthened, press Hebrews 11
When we feel alone and afraid, press Song of Solomon 23
When our life in bitter, press 1 Corinthians 13
To know the secrets of Paul's happiness, press Collossians 3:12-17
To know the meaning of Christian, press 1 Corinthians 5:15-19
When we feel disappointed and be left, press Romans 8:31-39
When we want peace and calm, press Matthew 11:25-30
When the world is seen bigger than Him, press Song of Solomon 90
When we want the Christianity guarantee, press Romans 8:1-30
When we are on the go, press Song of Solomon 121
To Big challenges, press Isaiah 55
When we need a brave for a duty, press Joshua 1
To know how we can build a good relation to the others, press Romans 12
When we think about wealth, press Mark 10
When we are in depression, press Song of Solomon 27
When we are in financial difficultiness, press Song of Solomon 37
When we loose trust to the others/somebody, press 1 Corinthians 13
When the people around us look like not good, press John 15
When we give up in our work, press Song of Solomon 126
When we find small world and we feel big, press John 19 

Published at Helium Network, July 21, 2008

The Solutions of the High Gasoline Prices

When the first time I came to USA in August 2002, the price of the gasoline was around USA $ 2 per liter. In the next 2 years after that, its price was getting higher. Following the years, the gasoline price kept increase and increase, till right now most in many areas around where I live, the gasoline price is around USA $ 4 per liter.
2 (Two) increasing numbers of the gasoline price from USA $ 2 per liter to USA $ 4 per liter, it means a lot to me and my husband. We can not avoid this reality and we have to face it with our slowly-increasing income. It means we should be smart in spending money while our incomes don't increase so high and the gasoline price increases sharply.
What we are doing right now to have our own solutions in facing this globally problem, as I write them below:

1. We have had two cars since last year, sedan and truck. Before, we just had one car, it was a truck and we knew it would cost a lot of gasoline in using it. After I bought the second car, we both use the sedan most than our truck because it saves more money in using the gasoline. Every morning my husband drive the sedan to go to his work and in the evening after he goes home, I would drive the sedan to my work. We just drive our truck in certain needs, for the examples: when we should bring the children or I need to drive my daughter to Pre-school that around 3 minutes from our house meanwhile my husband drives with the sedan to his work. Through this way, we have saved money.
2. The second way that my husband does right now is inviting his friend who works at the same office and always passing our area every time he goes to work to stop by at our house and goes to work together with my husband. If today they drive with our sedan and his friend's car will be parked at our driveway, then the next day they will drive with his friend's car. Our sedan will be parked at our driveway. This way is really help in giving the solution of the high gasoline price.
3. Before I work to WALMART, we used to go for our weekly/biweekly shopping in ACME, GIANT, etc. But after I work at WALMART, we almost never go to those places to shop the food that we need. I just buy them at WALMART in all our needs for the food. Except I save the gasoline with not to drive to ACME or GIANT that far away from our house, I also get the discount with using my employee discount card for the certain products. We just go to ACME and GIANT if we really need something that we can not find at WALMART.
4. If we pass the area and we see the gas station with lower price, we used to stop and fill the gasoline tank full. Through this way, we have saved some dollars. Some dollars it is better than nothing.
5. My husband and I prefer to turn off the engine when waiting for something except if the air is drop off (cold) or very hot.
6. We both prefer to open the car window to let the air circulates inside the car and gives the fresh air then using the air conditioner except if the air is really hot especially in the following afternoon. It means whatever we can save that can reflect with our budget, we should do it.
I am sure every person has different solutions in facing the high gasoline prices. Whatever we choose, as long as it will help our budget, we have been smart already to take those actions than nothing actions in facing the high gasoline prices. (*)

Published at Helium Network, July 28, 2008

Publishing My First Book

Publishing my first book, it is my desire and my focus right now. As a new and first author for my first book, I have been so busy in looking for a right publishing company that would be match with my needs.
As a writer who will write something, the first step is I have to know what I am going to write in my book. My soul, my mind and my thought would be applied into it. My first book would be a great book that would tell about my great life experiences as an immigrant who lives in USA.
The second step is I have to find a right publishing company who is pro with the author. I know this is difficult, sometimes they have presented everything so nice on their website but we don't know its reality until we decide to send our manuscripts there, then we will see how they work.
After searching many times, thanks God, finally I found what I was looking for. This made me more confident in writing my first book because I have known already where the place I would bring my manuscripts to.
Several reasons I choose "A" publishing company:
1) It is a Christian based. I trust it more than general (non christian) based although it doesn't give me a guarantee.
2) Family owned. I like this, because they know better how approach and treat the authors.
3) Main-line publishing organization with a mission to discover unknown authors. They combine unknown authors undiscovered potential with their unique approach to publishing, and provide me with the highest quality book with the most inclusive benefits package available.
4) They offer the very best opportunity for first-time authors in the industry today.
First, my book will be unique. From the editing to graphic design of my print book and eBook to the voicing and conception of my audio book, I will be involved in the process of creating a variety of products that I will be proud of multiple products that will allow me to truly penetrate the market in a variety of ways.
Second, their marketing team will partner with me to sell my book through nationwide distribution and work hand in hand with Key Marketing Group to publicize both the release of my book and the book signings and appearances they schedule for me. Finally, I will be assigned a personal marketing representative that will provide unending customer support, they will help me market my book for as long as I desire to pursue the endeavor!
5) In addition, this publishing company is not a POD, vanity or self-publisher. That I was looking for and as a main condition I would choose. They are very selective with the titles they choose. The larger self-publishers in the industry average over 46,000 authors per company. As of 2008, this publishing company boasts an author pool of just 1,028, yet their sales numbers and average sales volumes are much greater. Their selectivity makes it possible for them to provide their authors with a level of market penetration that is second to none because of the quality of their product. They have the best reputation in the industry for quality and service and are looking forward to speaking with me about my work.
Other interesting things I have learned about this publishing company: Every one of their authors are involved in the production process of their book. This is very important to me. They want my input and feedback on things like the cover design and the editing process, and I will have direct access to the people working hard to make my book a reality.
6) Their marketing staff strives everyday to give their authors' books the attention they deserve. They work hard and partner with every author to set up book signing events, media coverage and book reviews.
Beside releasing my book as a traditional paper book, they will also release it as an audio book, audio book download (from partners like and Apple's iTunes Store) and eBook. They will give my book the best chance for success by simultaneously releasing it in a variety of formats.
Other important thing I have noticed: this publishing company is not a vanity press. They do not take on every project that is submitted. They are interested in the potential in every author. However, with the amount of resources that this publishing company pours into each project, they have to be selective with the works they choose. They want my book to be a success!
7) My Book would be available in bookstores.
I have learned that this publishing company distributes every title nationwide through Ingram/Spring Arbor, the world's largest book distributor. They place actual product into Ingram's warehouse, ensuring my work is available to all the major book outlets, both physical bookseller stores and online websites such as,, and
They don't just provide or ensure availability of their products to book stores. They actually stock product with stores and distributors. They use traditional methods of supplying vendors and accept returns 100% of the time. They have excelled and have shown over 218% growth the last four years in sales for the industry. They also has achieved great success with their product line because of their successful and talented authors, marketing staff and wonderful partnerships with every major book store, groups like Key Marketing Communications, and even niche markets like Starbucks, Java Dave's Coffee, FYE, and many more. These venues and partners provide wonderful opportunities for all of their authors and artists alike. These are I am looking for that the publishing company I choose, has professional marketing staff and strong distributions internationally.
In addition, they work with their authors outside the retail market and into the specific niche that is unique to my book. They target the precise audience for my work and assist me in getting my book into the hands of those who need it most! (*)
Published at Helium Network, August 6, 2008

The Top 10 Things You Want To Do in Your Life

I am a person who always have a goal in my life. The goals I had reached were different in difference ages. When I was a little child, I would like to be a Little Famous Indonesia Singer. I acted like her, sang like her. It was fun pretending as a Little Famous Indonesia Singer.
When I grew up couple years later, what I wanted was different. I studied so hard so I could continue to go to school at a great Government School and my hard efforts gave me great result. I always got what I wanted as a great student, I could go to favorite Government Schools.
After I was graduated from Senior High School and went to university, I also really wanted to graduate with excellent result. I really studied so hard to reach this goal. Finally, I got 'A' for my final comprehension. (Thanks God!)
As graduated student from the decipline science of Agriculture, 1 year and a half I got my first job at Landscaping. It was very hard work but I had many great experiences there. I had worked in this field for 4 years and a half and I was so good in it. Many small and big projects I had handled already and I felt that my experiences in this field were like I had worked for 10 years at least already.
The next step was I wanted to get married with a right man who I loved. This was not so easy like I thought. This part was so different with how hard I had studied and worked before. Making a relationship with someone needed a lot of time to learn each other. Through a great journey I had passed in, finally God had brought me to meet with a great American man through HIS miracle's way and in 2002 I married him.
Six months after our marriage, I was pregnant. God gave us a cute and beautiful baby girl. She was a great gift who God has given in our marriage life.
Right now, what I want to do in my life after everything I have reached completely personally, I would like to focus for my family. Below is a list of the top 10 things I would like to do in my life:
1. I would like to raise my daughter with Christianity life values.
2. I work hard continuously to support financial so I can save more money for my daughter's education (college)someday.
3. I would guide and teach my daughter to be a good student, do the best as she can and I hope someday she could get at least 1 scholarship for her college.
4. I would support her in advancing her interest and hobby.
5. I work hard right now as a Managing Editor at (an Online Indonesia News based on Citizen Journalism) beside as a WALMART Associate and would build this online news to stay at its current position as an Online Indonesia news that has largest number of total Citizen Journalists (it has reached 4000 in 1 year and a half after its launching on November 11th, 2006)
6. I want to renovate the basement and take a small part to be my personal office with my own money.
7. If I have more money, I want to do the landscape job for my own lawn. Right now I have to be satisfied with around 20% I have done for my lawn. I have beautiful flower garden, small vegetable and fruit garden.
8. I want to finish to write my first book soon and get published in USA
9. I also want to rewrite my first book in Indonesian and get published in my country, Indonesia.
10. I want to bring my whole family to visit my country and spend a lot time with my family and friends there, having vacations to some beautiful places in my country.
I am sure with a great efforts, working hard and praying, what I want to do as I have mentioned on the list above would come true as HE would permit them happened in my life. Amen. (*)

Published at Helium Network, August 8, 2008

Memoirs My Father

My friend from Virginia, sent me a video with its title 'My Redeemer Lives' from GOD TUBE with its link:
She also wrote the narration of the video as I write below:
A son asked his father, 'Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?' The father who, despite having a heart condition, says 'Yes'. They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on to join other marathons, the father always saying 'Yes' to his son's request of going through the race together. One day, the son asked his father, 'Dad, let's join the Ironman together.'
To which, his father said 'Yes' .
For those who didn't know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of the Big Island.
Father and son went on to complete the race together.
When I was watching it, I really cried, it wasn't only a lot of tears, until I myself heard my crying sound. I hadn't cried so long after my husband was sick +2 years ago. So, what the reason did I become crying? I think I saw the reality story of this video. I saw how big the father loved his son. He never said 'No' to his paralyzed son that wanted to do something together to reach an uneasy and challenging goal. I saw the face and actions of the father who showed his truly love to his son. There were no complains but I saw them as great Team was on fire to reach an uneasy and challenging goal. They made it! I heard my crying sound louder and louder, like a child. I was worried if my daughter saw me like that, it made her confused or afraid why I cried like a little child. I thought I cried because how impressive I was and could not tell anything about this video with my words.
This movie reminded me about my father in Indonesia (I live in USA now with my American husband). When I decided to study to the university, he proposed to get retirement soon from Navy 1 year earlier. They asked him not to do it because they would send him to Japan but he refused it. He actually really wanted to go to Japan but he thought me was more important than going to Japan. He was planning to focus in his new business soon he had just started at that time. He said that he needed a lot of money to send me to the university, but if he just made money from the government, it would not be enough, so he wanted to build his business soon and he could make money more than he was in Navy. Right now after many years, his business has become like his dream.
His decision was really surprised me. From that moment I knew how much he loved me. It really influenced my study. I wanted to graduate in Agriculture Bachelor with great result. I didn't want to graduate with regular result. I wanted to show him that he didn't spend time to make more money for nothing to me. Finally, my hard efforts gave me great result, I passed with satisfactory graduated student and in the list of The 5 Best Students. I got "A" for my final comprehension through a lot of hard efforts. Thanks God, everything just went well. I was so proud of him and he was so proud of me. (*)

Published at Helium Network, August 11, 2008

Cancer Survivor Story

I believe there are nobody wants to have cancer. It can come to everyone, women, men, children, young person, old person, rich people or poor people.
One day I got a sad news from my friend, Eko. His mother, Mrs. Yossey would lose her one right side of her breast because of the cancer she had. I was shocked hearing that news. I could also see from his face how sad he was. He and his whole family were like my family. He and his brothers were like my brothers and her mom was like my aunt. Since I got that sad news I never saw her Mom again until the surgery was done.
I didn't want to imagine seeing her face when I would like to visit her after several weeks of her surgery. I heard from him that his Mom was so strong even she didn't look very down. When I met her, I saw her smile purely. It made me feeling good. I said to her that I was sad about what had happened to her. With my simple sympathy, she told me long story how she faced and fought the cancer.
She was so shocked when the doctor found that the little pain of a lump around her upper right breast after mammogram was a cancer. I didn't ask more why the doctor finally had to make a decision to take it through a surgery but I was sure the doctor had to do the best for his patient. The following days after she heard that really sad news, she cried and prayed, asking God to give her great strength in facing it. She wanted to do it because she wanted to live longer to accompany her children and keep to serve God.
After so many days she prepared it spiritually, she felt ready to have the surgery. Seeing her like that, it helped her children feeling better especially after they lost their lovely father. He passed away several years ago. That was why she wasn't afraid, she was ready to lose a breast as long as it could be only one way to save her life.
Her sons drove her to the doctor office by turns several times to prepare everything before the surgery time came. She shared something very impressed me. In the waiting room every time of her visiting, she never saw the happy or smiling face coming from the patient except hers. When she saw that condition, she came to them and gave them the encouragements, showing that they weren't alone in fighting the cancer. She was the one of them. She shared that from its condition, she felt it was God's will so when she gave the encouragement to the cancer patients, it would hit deeply in their heart because they heard the encouragement words and got the support spiritually from someone who had the same condition like them. I also heard from her sons how impressed they saw their Mom acted like that to other patients in the waiting room.
The second time when I met her, she used something to wrap her head. She said that her hair was falling down as the result of having the chemotherapy regularly. She had no hair at all but she wasn't worried because someday her hair would grow again. I was so impressed with her strength. But something bothered her every time before she got the chemotherapy because it gave her a lot of vomit and made her so nervous before having it. She was really struggled in having chemotherapy in the certain period. That was why she always remembered, every time she got one chemotherapy, it meant she would have less of it in the future. Through this concept it helped her feeling confidence in facing it.
Couple months had been passed, I heard from her son, Eko, that she had completed all the therapies. He and her brothers just drove her to the doctor office to check up regularly. They were so happy seeing their Mom could through her difficult times. They were so proud of her having a strong Mother. It stimulated them to have strength during those difficult times they were facing together.
Around One year had been passed after the surgery, I met her one day and I was so happy. She didn't need something again to wrap her head. Her hair had grew normally and I heard from her, that everyday she never stop to serve God. She met many people and shared to them to show how great God's work had done to her life in facing the cancer. Although she had lost her one breast, it didn't mean she would lose her confidence to serve God and meet the people, even she had more energy and more enthusiasm in doing God's work. I also heard from her sons that their Mom was busier after that. Many people needed her to support her through her visiting and her praying. She met many people who were sick spiritually and physically. She was happy she could do it to the others through a Christian Group who served God in many ways.
Last year after many years the story above happened, I heard a very good news about her from my relative, Mutiara when I called her. Mrs. Yossey didn't need to be afraid of again because the doctor stated her cancer was gone so she just needed to check up every year to make sure everything was fine and she never stop in serving God. Thanks God, I was happy hearing it although I was so sad because my call to Mutiara, I was condoling of her Mom who had passed away because of breast cancer several weeks before.
I believe, our life are in God's hand. Survive or not, it was God's will, as the human being just does the efforts. I know it isn't easy but I am sure through Mrs. Yossey story above, great efforts physically and spiritually are needed to fight the cancer. I know the cancer survivor can be one of tens cancer stories we hear. But let it spread to be the a witness that there are always a hope in our life in facing something even the difficult time that might be so hard for us in facing it. The joy of Mrs. Yossey is one of the joy of the cancer survivors I ever see in my life and think I need to share it and hope this story can give the blessing to every reader especially those who are struggling in facing and fighting the cancer. (*)

Published at Helium Network, August 29, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stay at Home Mom Story

Proud to be A Stay at Home Mom

This question I would like to ask to every stay at home mom either work at home or not who is reading my short and simple story. "Are you proud being a stay at home mom?"
I was a stay home mom with a baby who was born in January 2004. Around a year of her age, most of my friends in Indonesia asked me why I didn't work. It was strange for them knowing that I was being a stay at home mom because when I was still in my country, Indonesia, before married in USA, I was a workaholic. I was tired to explain that I didn't want to work and would like to focus in raising my baby until the time came and I would be ready to work someday. I also tried to explain to them that I didn't want to send my baby to babysitter while I worked with many other reasons. They were shocked when I told them how I enjoyed being a stay at home mom at that time. I thought they just felt strange hearing a statement from someone who they knew before as a workaholic person.
Yes, I was never shy or felt not confident to answer every question coming from my friends that I enjoyed being a stay at home mom, raising my baby myself, taking care of her, cleaning the house, cooking, and other housekeeping activities. They didn't know and felt as I enjoyed the joy of being a stay at home mom who took care and watched my baby growing everyday. I was proud to be a stay at home mom who always woke up every morning and prepared the breakfast, cooked for lunch and for dinner, cleaned the house, did the laundry, and had a lot of time to read many books that gave me the knowledge in raising the baby, how cooked the delicious food without needed a lot of time, tried many kinds of recipes from around the world, etc. From that time, I had learned many things new for me as a person who just moved from different country to USA. Yes, I really enjoyed my life although I didn't work and make money. My baby was everything for me. She was my future life. I wanted to be 100% for her in her growing periods.
My husband also supported me in every way I did. I liked cooking, so he almost gave me presents or bought a small surprised gift of cooking tools. He liked the food that I cooked. I was happy every time he gave the compliments to the food I had cooked. Maybe if I worked at that time, I could not have enough time to cook a delicious food everyday because I should take care of the baby after coming back from work.
So, why other person complained meanwhile I didn't complain about my situation and enjoyed my life being a stay at home mom? The status of being a stay at home mom wasn't so bad at all for me. I didn't care what my friends asked as long as I was happy with my family. My family was the most important for me than working out site and making a lot of money. Of course we needed money, but it wasn't the priority while my husband could work and made enough money for his family. The happiness was the goal in the family life and I had it. I was sure someday I would find something I worked on it either from home or not. And, yes.right now when my daughter is 4 years and a half, I become a part time associate and work at home online as Managing Editor for an online Indoensia News, I still take part time job so I can have more time to take care of my daughter, prepare her school, drive her to school and pick her up, cook everyday, etc. When my daughter is going to pre-K, I will have a lot of time to work online before picking her up from school. When my husband comes back from work, I should get ready to prepare going to work. What a gorgeous life. There are no substitute for me to be a mom who has a lot of time for her child. She is my priority. My husband and I has already seen the result, my daughter is growing great even my husband ever said to me honestly that he never saw a child like our daughter before. Yes, she got all our attentions in the very important periods of her growing age. My husband is so proud of her and me. I also thank to him who has given a great support in everything I do. Without her support, I would never be success that I was ever being a stay at home mom 100%. (*)
Published at Helium Network, September 1, 2008

Valentine Poetry

Several days before Valentines Day, I wrote 3 poets at an online Indonesia news, I had chosen one of them to my husband as a Valentines Gift. Below is one of the poets I had chosen to write it on a sweet valentines card that I had given it to him.
my soul-mate is a half of my soul
a half of my life
a wing of my single wing
so we can fly perfectly
when I am down
he will be down
when I rise
He will rise
wherever I go
he will be there for me
whenever I need him
he will be always at my side
when the suffering unsheathes me
he is my comfort
when crying attacks me
he is my arm-rest
when the sadness comes
he is my support
when the happiness approaches me
he is my joyful
I know he is not perfect
his pluses and minuses
good and bad
I accept and love him
as the way of he is
Do you want to know what the response I got from him?... A kiss and a great confession flied on my right cheek. He said, "I love the gift that comes from the heart. I want to cry everytime I read that poetry. Thank you, Honey. It was the best valentine gift I ever had." (*)
Published at Helium Network, September 5, 2008

Christian Poetry: My Wings

I can fly so far and high
If my wings aren't broken
I can kick the hurricane

If my wings are so strong
I can pass the ocean
If my wings have the horse power
Who can oppose me?
If my wings are the gallant wings
They can kick the hurricane and pass the ocean
Who is my opponent?
If my wings can not be competed
They can cruise the ocean
My wings are my strength symbol

I can be weak
Just because of the nature power
I would not have the strength
If The Owner wants it
My wings depends on HIM

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Christmas Reflection Story

"Life" is the Best Christmas Present I ever received. Below is the story I try to write why I say that "Life" is the best Christmas present I ever received directly from God.

Saturday, early in the morning, December 23rd, 2006
The following road from Walmart, Parkesburg to Route 30 was so quite. I was so peace in my driving to home. I saw several cars in front of me got ready to move and crossed the intersection on the green light and only me who turned right. After finishing my right turning and starting to move straight suddenly "Brak!" ..I had no any idea where a Big Trailer Truck came from and hit my left car, exactly on the left door. I just remembered I screamed automatically and could not handle the stirring. My car spun several times and finally hit the curb. I was so lucky there was no other cars behind me. If not, I didn't know how I would be.

I could go out from the car easily because the left door was opened and had terrible damage. I tried to see in the dark if the Trailer Truck Driver stopped but he didn't. So with my bleeding left hand I tried to get a help but there were no drivers passed by. I decided to walk in the middle of the street and waiting for the other drivers passed by. Around 1-2 minutes finally I saw a car came by. I lifted my both hands and moved them crossed giving the sign to stop and I yelled, "Help! Help!" but she/he didn't stop neither were other second and third cars. I almost gave up and .thanks God the fourth car stopped that came from the same road where I came from. I told him what was happened with me. He wanted to bring me to the Police but I refused him. I showed him my bleeding left hand and I didn't want to leave my car. I asked him to call the Police. Then I saw 2 other cars stopped and the drivers called 911. I told them what was happened. One of them was a Nurse. She helped me carrying out some stuff from inside the car. In my panic situation I still could find my cell phone and made a call to my husband.

Around 3 minutes the 911 crews and Policemen came. Sometimes I screamed when they tried to touch my left hand. It was so pain and very cold. My left hand was shaking, maybe because of the opened skin and cold weather. When I told them everything about a Trailer Truck Driver passed the red light with the high speed, a man who came couple minutes after them said, "I was driving". Then I stared at him and yelled him, "You did it! What was happened with you? Why you drove so fast?...". I hadn't finished my words, he stood up and left me walking to my car. After that I didn't see him again.
A Policeman said to me that they had had him. I hoped they would ask me more questions but they didn't. It was a pity there were no evidences. I just could hope the truck driver would tell the real story.
They brought me to the Emergency Room at Brandywine Hospital. They did the X-ray to my left fingers. Thanks to GOD they were fine, no broken bones. I still kept cleaning my whole body from the small pieces of the mirrors. The Doctor said that they designed the mirror like that so it would not hurt the passengers when they got the accident. I found them on my eyes, hair, my back and many in my mouth. It made me spiting many times.

After around 5 hours in the Emergency Room, they let me go home because there were nothing to be worried about. The rent car man picked me up and drove me home. My husband hugged me and glad seeing me fine. But after he knew how the car looked like, he was sure that was a great miracle that I was still alive. My car was totally damaged of the left side and it was a strange to see that I was still alive and didn't have serious injury in my body.

Sunday afternoon, December 24th, 2006
I called my brother telling him about my car accident. I said to him that I was safe because I wore the seat belt and because of God had protected me too. HE saved my life. I never missed to pray before leaving the house especially every time I went to work.
After I finished telling the whole story, he asked me when and what time the car accident was happened. I answered him and then I heard he said, "How could it happened with us. I got a motorcycle accident too at the same day but couple hours earlier than you. I was Ok, I just had small wound on my hands and knees. And the funny things, there were nobody there as the evidence. It was same like you. Oh. this is Christmas present for us". We laughed together. Inside of my heart said, "Thank you, GOD! I am still alive."

I thought what my brother said was true. Our safety from the accidents are the present from Him. "Life" present was the most important in the life. I said to my husband that God had given me Life' as the Christmas present of that year. I would never forget it. My life was more important than anything, so I still had a chance to serve Him through my family, my friends, the community around me and other activities that needed my help.

Monday, December 25th, 2006

It was Christmas. Although I felt whole of my body was so pain and my head felt strange, I never stopped to thank to God. I still had Christmas to celebrate with my whole family. Everybody looked so happy when they looked at me smiling. It was a sign that I had no sadness but thank to God. My car insurance had taken care of everything, so there were nothing to be worried of.

Thank you God for all of your blessings and the Life' present you had given me already. Christmas 2006 was my special Christmas I ever had. (*)lished

Published at Helium Network, October 3, 2008